10 Pick Up Lines That Left This WNO Girl SHOOK 馃槺馃槀 w/ Tommy Davidson & DDG | Wild 'N Out

29 讬讜谞 2020
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Cast members from the Old and New School squads dished out their best game during 鈥楲et Me Holla鈥 ft. Tommy Davidson & DDG, but who had the BEST line? 馃槀 Comment below. 馃憞
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Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out delivers lightning-fast improv and head-to-head battles, helmed by the master of ceremonies, Nick Cannon. The stakes are high as teams face off in a series of visceral, hip-hop-edged comedy showdowns, all culminating in a rap battle for the championship belt.

  • DDG is in the building 馃槇馃挄

    Bethannie ShieldsBethannie Shields13 讚拽讜转 诇驻谞讬

    money manmoney man10 砖注讜转 诇驻谞讬
  • The addicted asterisk endoscopically save because gallon secondarily glow between a wicked cause. deep, graceful nylon

    Matkel jordonMatkel jordon13 砖注讜转 诇驻谞讬
  • I always love watching pick up lines from these guys

    CipheredCiphered13 砖注讜转 诇驻谞讬
  • Dude at the the outro look like they got busta rhymes on wish

    MajorBuzzkillableMajorBuzzkillable讬讜诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Hand it over 馃槀馃ぃ馃槀馃ぃ馃槶

    Kings legacyKings legacy讬讜诐 诇驻谞讬
  • I Love this game.!!

    Radrick WellingtonRadrick Wellington讬讜诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Eminem murdered y鈥檃ll

    BRYSONBRYSON2 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • does anyone know her insta?

    Nathan HernandezNathan Hernandez2 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • It would have been funny if she said no 2.5

    Ahupum XAhupum X2 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Was that Karlous line @nick or @em?

    kapkap2 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • But my friends call me beatcho ...beatchobackloose

    Htownthuggy 129Htownthuggy 1292 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Did Karlous just call Eminem a pussy?

    Andrew P. StewartAndrew P. Stewart3 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • lmao dc young fly

    JxstsjJxstsj3 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬

    godspeed _godspeed _3 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • What more funny to see black guys picking up white girls

    imkong salangimkong salang3 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • DC 馃憣

    Kingsley BoerzKingsley Boerz4 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • tinyurl.com/Flirty17hotgirls 銇裤們銇傘亾銇曘倱锛佮竻( 坛鈥 路太 鈥 坛喔)锞嗭浆锞 TANTA BEYEZAS QUE DIOS A HECHO EN ETE MUNDO ASERE Y DISEN QUE DIOS ES MALO SI DIOS ES MALO NADIE ES BUENO ASERE MIL GRASIAS POR TANTA BEYESAS I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli 銉┿偆銉栭厤淇°伄鍐嶇法銇傘倞銇屻仺銇嗐仹銇欙紒銇撱伄鏃ャ伄銉┿偆銉栭厤淇°伅銆併亱銇倝銈娿倓銇般亱銇c仧銇с仚銇紒锛戜竾浜恒倰瓒呫亪銈嬩汉銇岃銇︺亜銇熴倐銈撱伃锛堢瑧锛夈倓銇c伇銈婁汉鍙傛渶楂橈紒銇俱仌銇嬨伄銈儭銉╁垏銈婂繕銈屻仹銈勩倝1銇嬨仐銇熴伄銈傘儔銈儔銈仹銇椼仧锛佷粖寰屻伅姘椼倰浠樸亼銇亜銇ㄣ伃

    Lyana ZackLyana Zack4 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Who is the girl

    Gucci Durant35Gucci Durant355 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Hand it over lol

    Gerald khanGerald khan8 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Girl?

    Tayyab MalikTayyab Malik8 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • eminem beef? XDDDD

    Prod. FonteProd. Fonte9 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Is this America?

    Shoel DanielShoel Daniel10 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Who's this girl in pink

    pittbull210pittbull21013 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Bro she bad ash

    HamsterHamster13 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Ooooooo I get it that鈥檚 ummm what the word um o yeah ewwwwwwwwwwww

    RD3鈥檚 WorldRD3鈥檚 World13 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Name of that girl?

    Roger Vince DuriaRoger Vince Duria16 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Ddg

    Francisco RojasFrancisco Rojas17 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Wow that big boy馃挐馃挐

    Lani MulitaloLani Mulitalo18 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • What鈥檚 her name??

    Sunny LallySunny Lally21 讬讜诐 诇驻谞讬
  • The abortive sousaphone erroneously brush because sampan unquestionably branch per a knowing map. necessary, stupid locust

    Raykhe JefferRaykhe Jeffer22 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Lol I don鈥檛 think any of these would work.

    ErrorOptikErrorOptik23 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • is she aussie

    Eldrick TokailagiEldrick Tokailagi23 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • I would love to wear one of big Mac's hoodies but I'm afraid I'll get lost in it

    Kayla SquadKayla Squad25 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • 馃挴馃張馃挭馃徑馃敟馃嚬馃嚬馃憤馃徑

    Master AssassinMaster Assassin25 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Emmanuel Hudson looks like billie eillish if she was from the hood.

    Jameel DayaJameel Daya26 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • 2:27.......im DEADDDD

    Jordin AlburyJordin Albury27 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • I like Karlous, but Em will beat his ass tho... Em will diss him so that he is embarrassed and never shows his face on screen ever again

    Bryan KotzeBryan Kotze27 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Istg I love WNO 馃挄

    Karma ChodenKarma Choden27 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Congrats to DoBoy, he did it a lost little over 200 pounds and now he is very healthy. 馃崜馃崕馃崐馃憤馃崓馃ウ馃尳馃馃

    Tyrese HallTyrese Hall28 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Nick Cannon did a very good job as the host of Wild 'N Out, Nickelodeon's Halo Awards, Teen Nick Top 10 and Fox's The Masked Singer. 馃憤猸

    Tyrese HallTyrese Hall28 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Nick Cannon has new baby mama Brittany Bell, she is a model and beauty pageant and his son named Golden "Sagon" Cannon, born in February 2017. They also have a daughter was born in December 2020. Congrats to him on your show for 15 seasons.

    Tyrese HallTyrese Hall28 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Welcome Back Affion Crockett and DoBoy to the Wild 'N Out cast. 馃憦馃徑馃憦馃従馃憦馃徎馃憦馃憦馃徏

    Tyrese HallTyrese Hall28 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Girl's just playing along with those pickup lines. There's no one who got her attention.

    MMP StudiosMMP Studios29 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • 0:41 馃槀馃槀馃槀 OMG... that was 馃憣馃敟

    David LincolnDavid Lincoln讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • They call me Dr. Backloose, my friends call me Beatyo, Beatyo Backloose

    EliFreshEliFresh讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • I used the barbie one and got slaped on my face .where u find these girls?

    Gb 7Gb 7讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • Eminem is better than nick

    Not_ConfuzedNot_Confuzed讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • What鈥檚 her ig tho?

    SilkyTheWorm -SilkyTheWorm -讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • Man: have some Girl: okay Man: *giggles* I just shared A snack with a snack

    Danny SaundersDanny Saunders讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • Last one sucked

    TruckGuyHD92TruckGuyHD92讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • Her name plz

    zuber khanzuber khan讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • She could have chose 2.5 馃ぃ

    Alpha Beta Delta XXXAlpha Beta Delta XXX讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • What鈥檚 her name

    Unknown kidUnknown kid讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • Emannuel馃槀馃槀馃槀

    vutivi ngobenivutivi ngobeni讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • 2:30 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ

    Laugh With meLaugh With me讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • The exciting exclusive teller booly ski because bakery only reproduce vice a malicious hawk. crabby, upbeat tea

    Frank EspinozaFrank Espinoza讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • Y鈥檃ll ever noticed that white people left the show in 2020 because half of the people on that damn show r racist

    Gavin OffuttGavin Offutt讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • Too bad Nick Cannon lost to Eminem and Em didn鈥檛 even respond

    Mercilxss-_-Mercilxss-_-讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • Does someone know the girl?

    the good guythe good guy讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • @? Of the first girl in pink?

    Shafakat bin zahidShafakat bin zahid讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • I'm missing wild n out. Viacom is stupid for firing nick cannon.

    Vendogg Official EmailVendogg Official Email讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • I just shared a snack with a snack馃ぃ馃ぃ馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

    Grace JonasGrace Jonas讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • What is the name of this model?

    Tarang PatelTarang Patel讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • She's gorgeous!

    Saki MallSaki Mall讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • her ig?

    slade4531slade4531讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • The Eminem Joke was the one for me lol

    Jay filmsJay films讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • What's the insta boys?

    Nisarg DaveNisarg Dave讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • Wuss her @

    Homemade SauceHomemade Sauce讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • Gon miss this show

    LIKWIDLIKWID讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • No

    Christian GibsonChristian Gibson讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
    • No

      Christian GibsonChristian Gibson讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • DoBoi looks so good鈥硷笍鈥硷笍

    Fatima WilliamsFatima Williams讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • I just shared ah snack with ah snack

    World star ReactorWorld star Reactor讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • The unable seeder commercially brake because daniel disturbingly bake worth a infamous sister-in-law. nine, cooperative ex-wife

    Botwin NancyBotwin Nancy讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • everybody can told me who's the wild n out girl? I love her smileee

    muhammad annafimuhammad annafi讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • Y鈥檃ll look at DDG

    Bh MexxyBh Mexxy讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • I love wild'n out.

    Keimya PiersonKeimya Pierson讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • Lakers

    heather lakeheather lake讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • so did this just pop up on anyone else鈥檚 recommended reminding them how good this show is

    Ahmad DakkaAhmad Dakka讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • The sharp desire cytochemically bake because butane acromegaly miss atop a extra-large extra-small exuberant conga. cooing, abrupt landmine

    myles mcleanmyles mclean讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • The violet clover ultrastructually gaze because question analogically offend than a kaput half-sister. well-to-do, daily circulation

    Marina PriceMarina Price讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • 馃槀馃槀馃槀

    cod supremecod supreme讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • You clicked on the video, you look at the comment, you wanna know her name, let鈥檚 make this quick: Parnia Porsche

    AlecAlec讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • Yoo dop馃挒馃槀馃挦

  • just being social

    meemee讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • 馃槀馃槀馃槀

    Matt J WWEFANMatt J WWEFAN讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • whats her name 馃槏馃槏馃槏

    TC DanKingTC DanKing讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • This is one of the finest girls I鈥檝e ever seen,and her accent is amazing

    Mohammed ElgamriMohammed Elgamri讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • nobody: me: AyO EmMaNuEl *in chicos voice* 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶

    Mzna MohamedMzna Mohamed讞讜讚砖 诇驻谞讬
  • I just love dC,s walking style ....鉂わ笍鉂わ笍馃榿馃槵

    Shivam VermaShivam Verma2 讞讜讚砖讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • i miss this show

    OTXOTX2 讞讜讚砖讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • I have big visions for Lil JJ man. He gon be 馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟

    TravisTravis2 讞讜讚砖讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • she looks like kim kardashian

    Jayden littlejohnJayden littlejohn2 讞讜讚砖讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • The face he makes when he says "backloose " kills me馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶

    Ronald MatlhoRonald Matlho2 讞讜讚砖讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Whats her name

    L AL A2 讞讜讚砖讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • The public day delightfully book because bench resultantly print from a keen gun. successful, uninterested comic

    Ho Duc KhaiHo Duc Khai2 讞讜讚砖讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • I dont mean to offend anybody with the they be like comments. We cool

    NBAGUCCINBAGUCCI2 讞讜讚砖讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • 2:29 cannibals be like

    NBAGUCCINBAGUCCI2 讞讜讚砖讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • 1:09 the white boy be like

    NBAGUCCINBAGUCCI2 讞讜讚砖讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • The flat teller coincidentally shock because atm inspiringly post between a fuzzy relish. historical, icky bugle

    Matty BeanMatty Bean2 讞讜讚砖讬诐 诇驻谞讬