Every Single Justina Valentine Wildstyle 馃敟馃帳 Wild 'N Out

30 讗驻专 2021
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When it comes to the Wildstyle, Justina Valentine is the queen. Here鈥檚 every one of her comebacks, from taking aim at an entire team to going head-to-head with DC.
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Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out delivers lightning-fast improv and head-to-head battles, helmed by the master of ceremonies, Nick Cannon. The stakes are high as teams face off in a series of visceral, hip-hop-edged comedy showdowns, all culminating in a rap battle for the championship belt.

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    • Fdd FF rdd D ur s ss ur Cf Cf gff Cf gggg ur Cf ugh Cf ur Cf ur Cf hv cv cv Cf tc cv c cv Cf tc c cv gff Cf f Cf c Cf f Cf FF c cv hgg cv hv cv tc d Cf f FF f FF u Cf yff f Cf yff Cf y f FF f FF Cf gff Cf ugh g gg u I Cf hgg Cf ugh Cf ur chi uh cv oh by ur Cf ugh V Hh Hh u y CB Jh cv h cv vvv cv v cv cv g hgg c Cf gff Cf tftfffsz馃槺馃槩馃槬馃懞馃懞馃樅馃樄馃懢

      Ramses Vazquez-MarinRamses Vazquez-Marin4 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
    • Love you

      Njomza HyseniNjomza Hyseni7 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • 28:37 馃馃

    Baryl VanneihsangiBaryl Vanneihsangi3 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • I wonder why she's not dominating the rap industry, Nicki and cardi would have a serious competition

    Emmanuel AigbuzaEmmanuel Aigbuza3 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Your body is recyclable but your career is trash 馃拃 her bars ugh amazing

  • Conceited is my favorite wild鈥橬 Out cast member

    Trinity RTrinity R5 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • #Wild鈥 N Out can you post every wildstyle for Dc young fly.

    Trinity RTrinity R5 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Justina is so bad at rappping like every girl lol

    Fizys VibinFizys Vibin5 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • I'm done bye Beach

    Shanoyamckoy2013 MckoyShanoyamckoy2013 Mckoy5 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬

    Shanoyamckoy2013 MckoyShanoyamckoy2013 Mckoy5 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Everybody wants some 馃ぃ she the best

    Gabriella PanucciGabriella Panucci5 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • I never understand why people say Justina is overrated

    jennavnjennavn5 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • DC reactions to Justina is priceless

    jennavnjennavn5 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Legend says that if Nick didn鈥檛 stop her she would鈥檝e never finished

    Victoria FurlongerVictoria Furlonger5 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Her flow and rhyme is sound. If this is all scripted she sells it well.

    Meta ManMeta Man6 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Dolph Ziggler sure is one of the most underrated superstars however I think he鈥檚 content with his position within the company. Unlike others such as dean ambrose who grew frustrated with how his character was written and left, ziggler seems happy to be the champion jobber or perfect utility man. Used accordingly to push upcoming talent or to fill in the void within a main event spot when necessary. His in-ring work has remained consistent throughout his career and he鈥檚 had some great matches. The cons of being a main-event superstar are that you maybe under immense pressure with the added responsibility of being the face of the company so maybe he鈥檚 not disappointed with his lack of mainstream success otherwise he would have left to make a name for himself in other promotions. At least he鈥檚 been a world champion even if it was brief. Unlike John Morrison who鈥檚 never main-evented and never won a world title, he鈥檚 just been stuck in the mid-card position forever. Ziggler thrives in whatever role he鈥檚 given and he鈥檚 proven to be a very reliable talent no doubt. Fair play to him.

    Meta ManMeta Man6 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • justinas finna make me break up with my bf smh

    Gooble GalGooble Gal8 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • It's almost like it's an honor getting roasted by her馃槀

    Mary MakandaMary Makanda8 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Love me some Justina and DC ya'll馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟 but home girl my fav

    Mary MakandaMary Makanda8 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • She went off on hitman damnnnn

    osamu dazaiosamu dazai9 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • You noticed the longer she been doin this her jokes turn into facts. She ICEE馃

    Kyrie JavinKyrie Javin9 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • I 鉂わ笍 Justina 馃崼

    Electra Trinidad 馃嚬馃嚬Electra Trinidad 馃嚬馃嚬9 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • I love and like the raps

    Maria CabreraMaria Cabrera9 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • 29:06 ill always remember that

    Jeiana LottieJeiana Lottie9 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • nick is like a proud dad whenever she raps

    Jeiana LottieJeiana Lottie9 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • chill with khelseas busniess

    Chels KenzooChels Kenzoo9 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • I know y鈥檃ll seen a pink weave Mixed in with her red hair

    Alyssa ChildressAlyssa Childress9 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Stay away from white supremacy kids.

    BaBa9 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • I love Nick鈥檚 reactions to her rhymes

    Alexis GAlexis G10 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
    • hes like a proud dad

      Jeiana LottieJeiana Lottie9 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • bruh how many mini hits we fitting in one video

    c a t h yc a t h y10 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • 42:30 my favorite part of hers

    lenox garrigalenox garriga10 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • B Simone does not like Justina馃ぃ Those fighting words in wildstyles are real to her and you can tell

    Nicole TanakaNicole Tanaka10 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Karlos getting annoyed at 13:40 馃槀 I love justina

    Danielle WilliamsDanielle Williams10 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • 36:21

    Shared Sentience TarotShared Sentience Tarot10 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • I wanna see Justina vs Lauren 馃敟馃敟馃敟

    Mike GanjaMike Ganja10 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • The funniest part for me was here 32:34

    ivette del valleivette del valle11 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • How you deep fry your tic tacs馃拃

    A Nigga In A Purple SuitA Nigga In A Purple Suit11 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬

    Delinda HobsonDelinda Hobson11 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • My money's on Justina

    Delinda HobsonDelinda Hobson11 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Lol they always talking about Justina voice but I don't see anything wrong with it. She sounds normal to me.

    Im_BlackDahlia1024Im_BlackDahlia102411 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • 馃憦馃徑

    Chandu GonuguntlaChandu Gonuguntla11 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • 30:21. Her teeth馃槀

    XM0B_ChRiSXXM0B_ChRiSX11 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • She a beast!!! I love her on WNO!!

    sharonda goodesharonda goode11 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • I鈥檓 so mesmerised by her...she鈥檚 so attractive ESPECIALLY her voice it just has this sexy raspiness!

    Natural Bby xNatural Bby x11 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • She went crazy 馃敟she snapped 馃槼

    Beauty IstifanusBeauty Istifanus12 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Nick : white girl battle, white gurl battle. 馃槶馃槶馃槶

    but I didn鈥檛 askbut I didn鈥檛 ask12 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Justina is the best馃槑馃槑馃槑

    Justine CarmenJustine Carmen12 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • The first one馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟

    Shauna ReneeShauna Renee12 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • J been lvl up 馃ザ

    SAD BOYSAD BOY12 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • She better be the highest paid on the show

    CierraCierra12 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • She鈥檚 the Goat!..No Cap!!馃憣馃従馃敟馃敟馃敟

    O.G_MekusO.G_Mekus12 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Justina Valentine is the best of the best

    TrinityTrinity12 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Justina be doing everyone dirty 馃槶

    Gracie XGracie X12 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • she the goat

    Nyte BladeNyte Blade13 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • That 鈥榗heckmate鈥 line is so iconic

    bazinger112bazinger11213 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • She said Stick Stickley thighs!!!! Yaaaas!

    blssfullyapatheticblssfullyapathetic13 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Justina just might be the best out here damn she mean wit it

    stuart sibandastuart sibanda13 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • I love watching DB burning when Justina shreds him. And all his comebacks for her are so weak and ALWAYS the same lines over and over and over... He should just take the L and move on.

    Ashton BaartjesAshton Baartjes13 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Justina is a Savage 馃敟馃槀

    Doc JohnsonDoc Johnson13 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Been a Fan for YEARS as I just love Justina was so happy & proud when she got on the Show as her Music is hard too. This is so easy for her she鈥檚 a Team herself 馃檶馃従馃憫鈾ワ笍

    BadgalririBadgalriri13 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Justina stay going for DC馃槀

    GreenupSwayGreenupSway13 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • 9:17 was just fire for no reason

    Shalena ClomanShalena Cloman13 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • I鈥檓 surprised she doesn鈥檛 have a record deal

    GuiltyUntil ProvenInnocentGuiltyUntil ProvenInnocent13 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬

    Emma PaganEmma Pagan13 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • I love Justina and young fly together their badass

    RaeAnn AmesRaeAnn Ames13 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • I love when she raps in Spanish

    RaeAnn AmesRaeAnn Ames13 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • The rap with Doug e fresh was 馃敟

    tayohika fergusontayohika ferguson13 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • I love Justina so... much. She is my favourite!鉂! Please make more videos with Justina Valentine!馃榿鉂ゐ煉滒煉

    Simona SimonSimona Simon13 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬

    TeeTee14 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • She's Fiya馃敟馃敟馃敟馃馃徑

    island manisland man14 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Justina is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH! Love this girl

    titus showerstitus showers14 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • 11:16 Justin started going off so that dude just switched sides lmao

    DudeI'mRiskYDudeI'mRiskY14 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Justina is bad... On fire!!

    Mila N SanMila N San14 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • lol even Nick was impressed by that fry ticktak line!!!

    ichy balichy bal14 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • 馃槑馃槑馃槑

    Michael HedgemondMichael Hedgemond14 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • bro this woman will find the words of an entire essay and write it in 2 seconds og.

    Da baby convertibleDa baby convertible14 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • 43:30 dc 馃槃馃槃馃槃

    Yasin 脰zbekYasin 脰zbek14 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • 27:40 馃槏馃槏馃槏馃檲馃檲

    Yasin 脰zbekYasin 脰zbek14 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • 21:45 馃槏馃槏my dream

    Yasin 脰zbekYasin 脰zbek14 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • QUEEN!

    Jennifer NobelsJennifer Nobels14 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • When she said 'okay' it's over

    Mary Carie MantoMary Carie Manto14 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • E-Man face at 29:56 is every womans face when covid cancelled all the girls hot girl summer 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

    DreamsDreams14 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
    • 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

      Vinton MbeleVinton Mbele14 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Barsss 馃敟馃敟馃敟 she the best female on wild N out

    David McintyreDavid Mcintyre14 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Favorite part 43:34

    KamaraDuhKamaraDuh14 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Lady 馃悙

    QUiNTiN BANKSQUiNTiN BANKS14 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • She fire but for some reason she don't get the respect she deserves. One co-sign or hot feature away from blowing up

    Steve PugliaSteve Puglia14 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • This is why we as her fans LOVE HER鉂わ笍鈾ワ笍鉂わ笍鈾ワ笍

    Mariana AmezquitaMariana Amezquita14 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • whatever Team she justina is on any team and they have low points she will bring it up a lot馃敟馃敟馃枻馃敟馃敟鉂わ笍馃枻

    The One And Only ZZThe One And Only ZZ14 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • How has nobody commented about the fact she's the lady Eminem

    Riaa AylottRiaa Aylott14 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • She's being Eminem

    Riaa AylottRiaa Aylott14 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • I watch this everyday

    PuPay OfficialPuPay Official14 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • I love justina she and Nick look good Together

    girl powergirl power14 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • I鈥檓 pretty sure that everyone who goes to watch Wild N Out is just there to see DC and Justina going at each other

  • I don't know why every time I watch wildout, I feel my IQ drops

    George AbdoGeorge Abdo14 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Justina is literally my favourite wild'n out person but day really put Santa claus in dere

    Fatima KamaraFatima Kamara15 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • 6:01 explain the hair 馃槀

    Pizza RollzzPizza Rollzz15 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • I swear dc and justina had the most heated rivalry

    Latoya LewisLatoya Lewis15 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • please get eminem on it

    Ludsto TargetLudsto Target15 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Keep lil red riding hood she dope

    Bigcash MondayBigcash Monday15 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Shes the bomb,, defo the best on the program 馃挴

    Colin MayColin May15 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
  • Is the host nick cannon

    Quaylen HavensQuaylen Havens15 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬